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Take advantage of the unlimited mileage offered during high season

For any rental during the high season from 09/07 to 26/08, take advantage of the unlimited mileage offered and travel in complete freedom without worrying about the kilometers traveled!

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New and under-warranty vehicles

Travel in a motorhome, RV or campervan less than a year old, under manufacturer's warranty.

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Leave with complete peace of mind with Hertz Trois Soleils assistance and vehicle insurance.

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27 agencies in France

Take advantage of the proximity of our 27 agencies throughout France to pick up your motorhome.

Discover our RV, motorhome and campervan

With Hertz Trois Soleils you will be able to choose a recent motorhome that best suits your needs: as a family, as a couple, with friends... All our RV, motorhomes and campervans are driven with your car license (license B) and have a shower and toilet.

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How to choose your motorhome?

From the small 2-seater low profile to the 7-seater overcab, passing through the campervan or the luxury integral, you will necessarily find the vehicle adapted to your needs for a successful traveling holiday.


The converted van or campervan is a motorhome built on the basis of a light utility, it retains the original bodywork. The roof can be raised to save space in height. Our campervan models are very comfortable (shower, toilet, kitchen, beds, table) despite their small size.

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Low Profile Motorhome

Vehicle with a very aerodynamic design (elongated shape), which makes it possible to consume less than with a overcab. It is the most popular of motorhomes, so we offer you a wide range of low profile, ranging from 2 to 5 people, from the most compact to the most comfortable.

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Overcab Motorhome

The overcab motorhome is a mythical and immediately recognizable vehicle. The bedroom located above the driver's cabin and which has a spacious double bed is called the « overcab ». It is the ideal vehicle to leave with the family thanks to its habitability.

Rent an overcab

Integral Motorhome

Only the integral has a totally original silhouette that in no way recalls that of the original carrier. The driver's cabin is integrated into the entire motorhome. It is a top-of-the-range vehicle that offers a beautiful living space and a panoramic vision behind the wheel.

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Our 27 rental agencies near you

Leave close to your home or your vacation spot with our 27 rental agencies for RV, motorhomes, campervans and converted vans throughout France.

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Hertz Trois Soleils: RV, motorhome and campervan hire in France, Europe


Hertz Trois Soleils Motorhome rental, the number 1 fleet in France (Europe). Start your journey close to home or from your holiday destination thanks to our 27 stations in France: Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulon, Brittany, Bordeaux, ...  


Choose from our large range of Motorhomes: Overcab, Integral, Low Profile, Campervan. From a small two-place motorhome for a holiday for two, to a seven-place for large families, from campervan to a luxurious RV with central bed or twin bed, rent the perfect camper for your touring holiday! All our motorhomes are recently built of the brands Challenger, Chausson, Mc Louis or Rimor.

Hertz RV, Security and service of a great renter!

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Like many people, you don’t own a recreational vehicle. To test over a weekend or a week, opt for rental, we even offer a RV with an automatic transmission. Bookings are made online. Every year at the beginning of the season, our fleet of motorhomes and vans is renewed.


Find the vehicle that suits your needs


Ask us for advice to find which vehicles rent? Depending on the price, the type and the number of beds, find the campervan suited for your desire of freedom: To hit the road with the family, take a road trip of several weeks in Europe, travel a region in the west of France, or why not go to Iceland?


Why rent a motorhome?


Need freedom?

What better than a motorhome to get out of the city and back into nature? Whether at the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, you can enjoy panoramic landscapes, wild spaces, to break up everyday life and escape during your holidays.


Want a unique experience?

Tired of holidays where you settle in a fixed place? Going by motorhome is an opportunity during the same stay, to live several different experiences. Whether it's the multitude of places visited, the diversity of climates crossed, or the beauty of the landscapes admired, in a motorhome no day is like another!

On the occasion of a great weekend near you or for a long road trip abroad, with your motorhome you will have a great autonomy which will give you a feeling of freedom and independence.

Fancy wide open spaces, to visit national parks, to go on excursions, family getaways, to discover unusual places, your house on wheels will allow you to be at the right time in the right place!


Tour of Europe in a motorhome

Do you want to take a road trip in Europe easily and at the best price? Rent a motorhome! No more need to find accommodation in each city and country visited. Traveling by motorhome will ensure peace and mobility. Comfortably installed in your motorhome, you will be at home everywhere!

Recent vehicles from well-known brands


All our motorhomes are manufactured by ChallengerChaussonMc Louis, Font Vendome or Randger, well known and appreciated brands that benefit from the professionalism and experiences of the number one european recreational vehicle maker. These are all very recent vehicles (less than a year*), under manufacturer's warranty.


* 95 to 100% of our motorhome fleet is renewed every year. It happens in some years that a few motorhomes from the previous year are still rented, so a little over a year but still very recent and under manufacturer's warranty.

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