What options are available with your motorhome rental?

Enhance your motorhome vacation with the options below:



Bike rackDiscover cities on two wheels!
Subscribe to the bike rack option and bring up to 2 bikes for a van (V) or campervan (E and F) and up to 3 bikes for other motorhomes.
Important note: Our bike racks are designed for conventional bikes, but will not accommodate electric bikes, which are too heavy.
Please note that our vehicles are not equipped with a towball.



I lighten my suitcases and opt for our kits!

Cooking set (per set) Crockery set (per person)
1 sauce pan 1 plate
1 frying pan 1 dessert plate
1 lid 1 mug
1 coffee maker 1 knife
1 salad bowl 1 fork
1 strainer 1 spoon
1 wooden spoon 1 teaspoon
  1 glass
  1 small dish
 Cooking set  Crockery set


Set for 2 persons €88
Set for 4 persons €118
Set for 6 persons €138

You can keep your set at the end of your rental.



Small bedset €68 Big bedset €118
1 fitted sheet 1 big fitted sheet
1 duvet 1 duvet
1 pillow case 2 pillow cases


You can keep your set at the end of your rental.



Additional driverI have team spirit, I subscribe to the Additional Driver(s) option!
Contractually, the renter is considered to be the only driver of the camper. However, it is possible to add one or several additional drivers, whose identities have to be indicated in the rental agreement.



Child seatDon't forget to book a car seat for your child!
To facilitate your trip, choose the "child seat" option. It will be perfect to ensure safety and comfort to your children from 1 to 12 years, 9 to 36kg (Group I / II / III ECE R 44/04).



chaînes neige Give yourself extra security for winter trips or for exploring remote areas!
The snow chains option makes it possible to meet the french government obligation to have snow equipment on board the vehicle in order to be able to cross the mountain departments from November 1 to March 31. Driving on snow is strongly discouraged with a motorhome. Don't go down a snowy road with only one set of front chains.



lavage extérieur camping-carAvoid the hassle of cleaning with the exterior washing option!
By choosing this option, you won't have to worry about washing the exterior of the motorhome before returning it. You will be able to enjoy your trip until the end, without worrying about the penalty costs linked to an uncleaned vehicle.


Non-contractual photos.

Clé véhicule neuf
New and under-warranty vehicles

Travel in a motorhome, RV or campervan less than a year old, under manufacturer's warranty.

International Assistance & Insurance

Leave with complete peace of mind with Hertz Trois Soleils assistance and vehicle insurance.

agences location
30 agencies in France

Take advantage of the proximity of our 30 agencies throughout France to pick up your motorhome.