Your first motorhome rental?

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All the rental motorhome followers will tell you: the essential thing, in order to be successful in your trip or holidays tour, is to choose the interior features according to the number of persons that will live in it. The best comfort is to have at the adults and the kids' disposal permanent beds: big bed in the overcab (on top of the driver and passenger 's seats), roof bed or permanent bed for the parents, bunk beds for young adults or kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below the answers to your main questions about motorhome rental. This "frequently asked questions" is updated in real time, do not hesitate to ask us for details by telephone on +33 475 820 202 or via our contact form

Your most frequently asked questions

​​​​​​1- Your questions about motorhomes?



You will stand in all our motorhomes (except in the compact campervan), the interior height is 2.08m. That of the mini and maxi campervan is 1.88m.

You will find the external dimensions (length, width, height) on our RV pages and on our brochure.



Motorhomes are fitted with as many seat belts as there are places on the registration card. When the vehicle is traveling, in accordance with the highway code, passengers must be seated and tied up. The number of places (seater vehicle registration) that we post on our site on our vehicle pages corresponds to the number of people with whom you can ride.



Yes, we offer a motorhome model in automatic transmission: the Great Comfort Low Profile (Y) and a campervan model : Great Comfort Campervan (E).



Regarding interior equipment, vehicles are supplied with: a power outlet, an extension cord and a European adapter, a fridge with freezer, a shower, WC with the bottle of chemical toilet product, a gas bottle. The gas bottle will not necessarily be new. If you run out of gas during the rental, change the bottle and keep the receipt. You will be reimbursed upon return.

Vehicles are supplied without: dishes, kitchen utensils (see options page), TV, microwave, freezer (freezer in the fridge), air conditioning off (there is air conditioning while driving only), cleaning kit.



The motorhome will be provided with mattresses, but without sheets, duvets, pillows. You can bring your own or buy the kits we offer (see options page).

The size of the beds depends on the vehicles (cf. brochure). There are no safety nets in the bunk beds.



Regarding outdoor equipment, you will not find a tow ball or awning. A bike rack can be added as an option (see options page).

The size of the camper vans varies according to the model. As for the interior of the vehicle, it will be empty: no barbecue, no outdoor table and chairs.

2- What are the departure and return days and times?



During the very high season (from 20/07 to 16/08), the rental period is calculated per week, from Saturday morning to Friday afternoon. You choose the departure and return times when booking.

Be sure to respect the vehicle drop-off times. In case of late penalties apply (€ 300 per hour late and € 500 per day late).



Departure and return days are from Tuesday to Saturday*. You choose the departure and return times when you book.

No departures or returns on Sundays and Mondays. Stations are closed.

*Some stations do not allow returns on Saturdays

3- Can we leave outside one of your departure stations?

Departures can only be made at one of our departure stations. No provision elsewhere is possible.

We do not have a shuttle service, you will have to go to the departure station on your own (personal car, taxi, public transport).

4- What are the means and methods of payment?



By booking more than a month before your departure, a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be required. You can pay it by credit card, bank transfer, american express, check, ANCV holiday vouchers or connect holiday vouchers (CVC ANCV). The balance is to be paid a maximum of one month before your departure.

NB: Less than a month before departure, we no longer accept payment by check.



If you book less than a month before your departure, you will have to pay the full amount by credit card, american express or connect holiday vouchers (CVC ANCV) at the time of your reservation.

5- Is it possible to take a motorhome in one station and to go to another?


Each station manages its own fleet of vehicles, it is impossible to bring the vehicle to a station other than the one where you rented it. You must return the motorhome to your departure station.

You have more questions?


Find them in our Frequently asked questions or otherwise do not hesitate to contact us, we will will be happy to answer you.


How does the electricity work on board the motorhome?

How to recharge the cell battery?

The living area battery of the motorhome is the battery that allows you to have energy in the living area of ​​the motorhome. This battery is generally recharged in 2 ways:

  • Driving: For a full battery charge, you need to drive 600km. This means that you have to make long stages if you want to be independent during your vacation. Fortunately, there is another method of recharging:
  • By plugging the motorhome into a power outlet. When you are stopped, you will have to connect the motorhome to the electrical network, so that the living area battery is recharged. In addition, you will have electricity on board and the 220v socket will work.
  • The solar panel: Thanks to solar energy you will be able to maintain the charge of the cell battery and gain autonomy. You will no longer need to connect to electricity to recharge the living area battery.

How to get 220v in a motorhome?

The 220v socket on board the motorhome will only work if the motorhome is connected to the electricity network. When in the evening, you stop at a motorhome site or at a campsite, or at a friend's house, you can plug the motorhome into a socket or an electrical terminal. You will then have electricity on board and the 220v socket will work. The extension cord and adapter are provided during the rental.


How to recharge your electrical devices: telephones, computers, tablets, bluetooth speakers...?

You will find USB sockets in the motorhome. They will allow you to charge your mobile devices at all times: while driving, when stationary, whether or not the vehicle is connected to electricity. It is understood that these sockets work as long as the living area battery has a charge.

For electrical devices that are not recharged by USB, the vehicle must be connected to the electrical network and use the 220v socket of the motorhome. You can also use a converter.

Converter is not included with rental. It is a box that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket. There is a 220v socket on the converter, so you can charge a computer. But be careful, 12v/220v converters are power hungry, and risk quickly discharging the cell battery.


What happens if the living area battery is not recharged regularly?

The cell battery is fragile. They are called "slow discharge batteries". You must be careful never to fully discharge it, otherwise it will no longer recharge, or badly. In addition, if you have inadvertently discharged the living area battery completely, nothing will work in the living area of ​​the motorhome. Therefore, farewell: lighting, phone charging, hot water, fridge (even if it runs on gas, the piezo is electric)... Be careful.

During your rental

How and where to drain the waste waters?

In order to prepare your trip, please check our blog post (in French) How and where to drain a motorhome? and our section User guide

During your rental

Where can I stop with my motorhome?

To prepare your trip, please check to our section User guide and in particular the part The parking.


What's more, on your booking confirmation, you'll receive a code for 6 months' premium service on the CARAMAPS app, which will help you find the perfect stopover around you or your destination.

During your rental

In which countries can I go?

Austria Andorra Germany Belgium
Bulgaria Cyprus Croatia Denmark
Spain Estonia France Finland
Greece Hungary Italy Iceland
Ireland Luxemburg Latvia Malta
Lithuania Norway Portugal Netherlands
Poland Slovak republic Cezch republic Romania
United kingdom Slovenia Sweden Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Serbia  


You will drive with a copy of the motorhome registration certificate (original not provided). Some countries require the original of this registration certificate.  It is your responsability to check the entrance, stay and driving requirements from the embassy and consulate of the countries of your destination.

The destinations of Finland, Sweden, Greece and Norway require an extra fee of 390€.

For all other destination, contact the central reservation.

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