How to choose your motorhome rent ?

Hertz Trois Soleils helps you choose the ideal vehicle according to your criteria for a successful motorhome vacation!

Depending on your number

Indicate the number of persons travelling and discover the perfect campers according to your requirements

Depending on the type of motorhome


Equipped with a "fold down bed”, adjusted to the ceiling during the day, and lowered to the living room at night, it leaves a comfortable living space.
Our low profile motorhomes are equipped in addition to the roof bed:
* A permanent bed for the Compact profile
* Bunk beds in the family profile
* Twin beds convertible into king size bed in the Twin model
* A central bed with a width of 160 cm facilitating access and circulation around the bed in the Comfort section

Our models : Compact Low Profile (A) | Family Low Profile (B) | Twin Low Profile (W)Comfort Low Profile (X) | Automatic Low Profile (Y)


The campervan retains the original bodywork of the vehicle. Cousin of the "utility" van, it has a specific exterior decoration and additional openings (windows, vents ...). Like any motorhome rented by Hertz, it offers sleeping facilities, a kitchen and a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. It is discreet and a size often less important than other motorhomes. It is more manoeuvrable, allows to move and park easily in towns and cities.

Our model : Van (V)


Only the luxury integral motorhome has a totally original silhouette that does not remind anything of the original carrier. Indeed, it does not retain any bodywork element of the vehicle from which it borrows the mechanical part. The driver's cab is "integrated" in the entire motorhome. As a result, it is a high-end vehicle that offers a beautiful living space and panoramic vision behind the wheel.

Our model : Luxury Integral (Z)


This motorhome is a mythical and instantly recognizable vehicle. The room above the driver's cab is called "capucine" and has a spacious double bed. The family Overcab offers 7 beds, 2 independent tables (one for playing and one for cooking for example), plenty of storage space and a comfortable height under ceiling.

Our model : Family Overcab (C)