To guarantee you maximum security and serenity when renting a motorhome, Hertz Trois Soleils offers the following coverages.


Cancellation / Delay Coverage

12€ / day

Compulsorily subscribed at the same time as the booking, it covers you against a serious and unpredictable event that can occur before your departure. It allows you either to get a refund of the already made payments, either to delay your rental to another date.

>> Please see the application terms and conditions (PDF)


Multi-risk Coverages

Multi-risk Coverages Basic Medium Premium
Hertz Trois Soleils Assistance 
Living unit and carrier Manufacturer Warranty 
Residual deductible Amount  3200€ 1600€ 990€
Broken glass deductible  3200€ 300€ 0€
Assistance and Repatriation 7d/7 24h/24 
Puncture Insurance 
(Capped at)
Included 29€ / day
45€ / day

Since everything can happen, Hertz Trois Soleils includes in all contracts a Basic Multi-Risk Coverage. Thanks to it, you have all together the advantages of the following services for free :

  • A telephone assistance Hertz Trois Soleils for all the equipment in the living unit,
  • The manufacturer guarantee within the Challenger, Chausson, Caravans International, Font Vendôme or Mc Louis network for the living unit
  • The manufacturer guarantee Fiat, Ford, Renault or Citroën for the carrier
  • A residual deducible amount clapped at 3200 €

 >> Please see the application terms and conditions (PDF)


Travel with a maximum serenity, do not forget to subscribe the specific Medium or Premium Multi-risk Coverages. Thanks to them, you have all together the advantage of the following services at a special rate :


Partial waiver liability reduction coverage

As for your car, the damages made to our vehicles can be your own responsibility, especially when no third parties are identified or, in case of collision, if the insurance companies notify that it is your fault. Compulsorily subscribed prior to departure, it, allows you to reduce the ceiling limit of liability :

  • Residual deductible per Occurrence (Premium Option) : 990 €
  • Residual deductible per Occurrence (Medium Option) : 1600 €


Broken glass coverage

In the event of a damage to your windshield the broken glass caps your deductible to :

  • Residual deductible per Occurrence (Premium Option) : 0 €
  • Residual deductible per Occurrence (Medium Option) : 300 €


Assistance and Rapatriation Coverage

The assistance/repatriation coverage covers you against an unpredictable event that can occur after your departure. Made up of an assistance to persons and to the vehicles, you are covered during all your rental agreement period.

Assistance to persons :

  • Medical repatriation
  • Close relative visit
  • Early return
  • Information and medical advice
  • Urgent messages sending
  • Replacement driver
  • Body repatriation in case of death
  • Forwarding medicine abroad
  • Abroad hospitalization
  • Juridical assistance abroard

Assistance to vehicle :

In case of accident or mechanical breakdown that makes the vehicle un-driveable :

  • Road/towing assistance
  • Waiting for repair
  • Back home
  • Repaired vehicle recovery
  • Spare parts sent abroad
  • Vehicle repatriation


Puncture Insurance

Because a flat tire always arrives at the wrong time, our Premium option covers the cost of replacing your faulty tire.


>> Please see the application terms and conditions (PDF)


We remind you that after subscription, the chosen options and coverages cannot be modified nor