Itineraries and travels in a motor home




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A new fellow traveler for motor home drivers !

Caramaps is the 1st internet and mobile platform that brings together all the tools to make your journey in a motor home as simple as possible.


Caramaps is unique, it gives you a list of 35 000 motor home stop points in France, including service stations, campsites, car parks and general tourism stations all this available directly in your pocket.


Caramaps is also a community of private and professional hosts that can welcome you in their garden, at their farm or vineyard, in unusual locations and at small prices. All the information is regularly updated by fellow travelers in order to have access to the best information possible.


Overall, Caramaps is there to guide you before, during and after your motor home travels !


Visit our page now and have a great journey !







Europe in your hand


Park4night is a community app, available on Android or Apple iOS, to find and share tourist, nature and unusual sites throughout Europe.