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What type of driver's licence do we need to drive a motorhome?

To hire one of our vehicles, you must have held your driving licence for at least 3 years.

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What mileage is included in my rental?

At Hertz Trois Soleils, in high season (6 July to 30 August), unlimited mileage is FREE!
The rest of the year, 150 km/day are included in our basic prices and you can choose a 200 km/day package or unlimited mileage as an option.

For limited mileage packages, the excess kilometre is charged at €0.55.

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What are the times for picking up and returning the motorhome?

All year round, departure and return days are from Tuesday to Saturday*, except during the very high season. You choose the departure and return times when you book. 
Departure possible at 10am, 2pm or 4pm. Return at 9am or 3pm.
No departures or returns on Sundays and Mondays. Agencies are closed.
*Some agencies do not allow returns on Saturdays.

During the very high season (last week of July, first two weeks of August), the rental period is calculated per week, from Saturday morning to Friday. Check-out time is 10am. When you book, you can choose between 9am and 3pm for the return time. 

Please ensure that you respect the return time. If you are late, penalties will apply (€300 for any delay of more than 1 hour and €500 per day of delay).

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Do I have to book for a minimum of days?

You can book a motorhome for as long as you like, depending on when our agencies are open. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

In very high season (last week of July, first 2 weeks of August), hire is by the week only, with departure on Saturday 10am and return on Friday (9am or 3pm, as chosen at the time of booking).

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What documents will I need to make a reservation with Trois Soleils?

Once you have made a reservation, you will need to send us an e-mail or log on to your personal space:

  • a copy of valid proof of identity for each driver
  • a copy of the driving licence for each driver
  • a recent proof of address in the name of the main driver
  • a bank statement (RIB) in the name of the depositary of the deposit.

These documents are used to draw up your rental contract, which is given to you on the day of departure.

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What documents do I have to produce on the pick up day?

The original driving licence and identity document of the main driver must be presented, as well as those of any additional drivers.

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Is the rental price on a sliding scale?

Rates are degressive depending on the length of the rental period. We offer a 5% discount for 3 weeks' rental, 10% for 4 weeks and 15% for 5 weeks or more.

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Can we appoint several people to drive the motorhome?

You can add extra drivers up to 72 hours before departure. The rate for each additional driver is €108.

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Can I travel with my domestic pet?

Domestic pets are allowed on board our motorhomes at no extra charge.

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In which countries can I go?

Austria Andorra Germany Belgium
Bulgaria Cyprus Croatia Denmark
Spain Estonia France Finland
Greece Hungary Italy Iceland
Ireland Luxemburg Latvia Malta
Lithuania Norway Portugal Netherlands
Poland Slovak republic Cezch republic Romania
United kingdom Slovenia Sweden Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Serbia  


You will be travelling with a copy of the registration certificate (original not supplied). Some countries require the original registration certificate on entry.  It is your responsibility to check entry, residence and travel formalities with the embassy or consulate of your destination country(ies).

A "long-haul destination" supplement of €390 applies for the following destinations: Finland, Sweden, Greece and Norway.

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Do I have to subscribe to an insurance for my motorhome?

Because anything can happen, Hertz Trois Soleils includes Basic Comprehensive cover in all its contracts. With this package, you benefit from :

  • Hertz Trois Soleils tele-assistance for cell equipment on +33 475 820 202
  • airframe manufacturer's warranty
  • carrier manufacturer's warranty
  • maximum liability in the event of a claim (€3,200)

For maximum peace of mind when travelling, remember to take out the optional additional Multi-risk Medium or Premium cover. Depending on the package, this includes: partial excess buy-back, glass breakage insurance, 24/7 repatriation assistance and puncture insurance. Find out more on our Coverages and assistance page.

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What is the amount and terms of the security deposit?

A security deposit of €3,200 must be paid before you pick up your motorhome (article 6.5 of our general rental terms and conditions). We use the Swikly service, which allows you to deposit your security deposit simply by making an imprint of your bank card. About ten days before your departure, you will receive an email inviting you to make your "SWIK". The SWIK is not a payment. You will not be debited for the amount requested, but you authorise this debit in the event of a problem, in which case Swikly will be our mediator.
The deposit can also be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

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Is there an inventory before departure?

When you pick up the vehicle and return it, you will carry out an exterior and interior inspection with a technician. It's important to make a note of everything that's important to you.

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Can I go to the snow with a motorhome Hertz Trois Soleils?

To make the most of your stay in the snow in the best possible conditions, we recommend that you book accommodation in a snow caravan park, with heated sanitary facilities and an electricity connection. Cell batteries don't cope well with the cold, so it's best to connect them to 220V, in order to preserve their autonomy. Our vehicles are not specifically insulated for extreme cold. The waste water tank must remain empty and the drain valve in the open position, with a bucket underneath for recovery.

Keep the temperature on board constant, even when you're away, to protect the clear water tank from freezing. We remind you that the heating works on the diesel or gas tank, so you'll need to check the level regularly during your stay to make sure you don't find yourself without this service in the middle of the night. A little tip: the traditional hot water bottle will improve your comfort at night, so don't forget it!  It's important to check that flue gas vents are never blocked by snow.

To comply with French regulations, we offer chain hire as an option. However, we recommend that you never set off on a snow-covered road with a motorhome equipped only with a set of front chains, as the risk of skidding backwards is too great.

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Can I make the booking in my company's name?

If you wish to book in the name of a company, this is possible by presenting a K-Bis extract less than 3 months old.

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Are vehicles fitted with the CRIT'AIR sticker?

Before your journey, find out which Low Emission Zones you will be passing through and order the Crit Air sticker accordingly. Beware: if you fail to comply with the legislation, the fines are considerable in Low Emission Zones.

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