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Will the rented vehicle be recent?

Our vehicles are brand new, with manufacturer's warranty.

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I've never rented a motorhome before. Will someone explain how it works before I leave?

Before you leave, we recommend that you watch the "Get starded with your motorhome" video. It will explain how to use a motorhome. 

On the day of departure, a technician will take you around the vehicle to show you how it works. This takes about 30 minutes.

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Which model of motorhome should I choose for hire?

We offer 7 categories of converted vehicles: 2 camper vans, 1 campervan and 4 motorhomes. Choose the vehicle best suited to the number of passengers.

Your choice will then depend on what you want: Do you prefer space on board, or a small vehicle that's easy to get around in? Do you prefer a separate bedroom or an alcove bed? Do you need a cargo hold? Will the children sleep in a bedroom or in the lounge? Do I need a separate toilet?...

You're bound to find the vehicle that's right for you at Hertz Trois Soleils!

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What is provided with my motorhome?

For a pleasant use of your motorhome, the following equipment will be given at the pick up station:


  • 1 electrical extension 220 V jack and its adapters
  • 1 fresh water hose and its adapters
  • 1 propane tank
  • 1 toilet removal tank and its specific chemical product
  • 1 puncture repair kit
  • 1 safety package (alert triangle + fluorescent jacket)
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Are stabilisation chocks supplied with the rental?

Motorhome chocks are not provided. You can easily park flat. If you wish to have some during your rental, you can buy some in the shop of your departure agency. 

In some cases, certain agencies can provide you with some, depending on availability. Please contact your agency directly for more information before you leave.

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What fuel should I use in campervans?

All our vehicles run on diesel. In some vehicles, you will also need to fill up with adblue. Adblue can be found at the pump in some petrol stations and in cans in petrol station shops and supermarkets.

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What does a motorhome consume?

The fuel consumption of a motorhome is highly variable and depends on the vehicle chosen (size, weight, engine, etc.), the driving style (speed, gear changes, etc.), the terrain, etc.

Our motorhomes consume around 15 litres per 100 kilometres.

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How many seat belts are there in your vehicles?

Motorhomes are fitted with as many seat belts as there are seats on the vehicle registration document. When the vehicle is in motion, passengers must be seated and secured in accordance with the Highway Code. The number of registered seats shown on our vehicle pages corresponds to the maximum number of passengers.

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Do the vehicles have air conditioning?

Our vehicles have cab air conditioning, i.e. in the driving area only. As this air conditioning is linked to the engine, it will only function when driving.

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How my motorhome will be fitted out?

You'll find a plan of the vehicle on its presentation sheet. All the fittings are different, but you will always find on board :

  • a shower
  • a chemical toilet
  • a fridge
  • a gas hob,
  • a sink
  • a washbasin
  • a stationary heating.
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What is the bedding in the motorhome?

The motorhome will be supplied with mattresses. For obvious reasons of hygiene, bed linen is not provided. You can bring your own or buy the kits we offer (see options page).

The size of the beds depends on the vehicle. There are safety nets in the bunk beds.

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Are the vehicles equipped with an oven?

There are cooking rings in the vehicle, but no oven or microwave.

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What is the interior height?

You will stand in all our motorhomes (except in the compact campervan, when the roof is not raised), the interior height is 2.08m. That of the mini and maxi campervan is 1.88m.

You will find the external dimensions (length, width, height) on our RV pages.

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