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What time should I return my vehicle?

You chose your return day and time when you booked. If you have forgotten it, it is written on your rental contract. Make sure you respect it, as a penalty of €300 will be applied for any delay of more than one hour.

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Do I have to fill up before returning the vehicle?

You must return the vehicle with the same level of fuel (diesel + AdBlue), otherwise you will be charged for the difference in level. You must also fill up with clean water.

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Do I have to clean up before returning the vehicle?

The rented vehicle has been prepared for you, and you must return it in the same condition inside and out. If the vehicle is not returned in a clean condition, a fixed fee of €399 will be charged.
We offer an exterior wash option (see our Options page).

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Do I have to be responsible for emptying the waste water?

You must return the vehicle once the grey water and black water (toilet cassette) have been drained.

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I've suffered damage to my vehicle or caused it to break down. What happens now?

If you are involved in a collision or accident during your rental, your deposit will be retained on your return. The damage will be recorded on the return inventory of fixtures and fittings, and an estimate will be sent to you for repairing the vehicle. Your deposit will be released on receipt of your payment.

NB: without an identified third party, you are considered responsible for any damage.

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How soon will my deposit be released?

If the inventory of fixtures on your return is the same as on your departure, your deposit will be automatically released after 15 days, without any action on your part. Swikly will notify you by e-mail when your deposit has been released.

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I've exceeded the fixed mileage stipulated in my rental contract. What should I do?

If you have exceeded the fixed mileage of your contract, you will be charged €0.55 per additional kilometre. After your return, you will receive an e-mail from Hertz Trois Soleils with a secure payment link for the amount of the additional kilometres.

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Do I have to carry out an inventory of fixtures when I return the motorhome?

When the vehicle is returned, as on departure, an inventory of fixtures will be carried out. You must be present at the inspection with a technician.

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