Can I go to the snow with a motorhome Hertz Trois Soleils ?

All the Hertz Trois Soleils motorhomes & campervan are perfectly insulated and equipped in order to guarantee you an optimal comfort during the winter season and in the mountain.

In order to enjoy your holidays during the snow season, here are some useful tips to ease your life on board.

  • You must be careful about your energy resources:
    • Fill your fuel tank. Most of the heater use fuel. If your heater uses the gas, regularly change your bottle (each 4-5 days in case of negative temperature). It is compulsory to check that the burnt gas outlet are not blocked by the snow.
    • If your heat runs with fuel, keep it on when you drive. Do not stop the heater when you leave the motorhome and you can put it down a little. To keep a constant temperature on board allows you to improve the self-sufficiency of your living compartment battery.
    • It is better to connect you to the 220V, in order to improve the self sufficiency of your living compartment battery.
    • Thanks to a good insulation, you can make good energy savings. Use an insulating curtain that you will put in the windscreen as soon as the night comes and that you put away in the morning so there is no condensation.
  • The drains might freeze. Therefore, you must leave the drain valve of the waste water opened and put a bucket or container in order to get back the liquid.
  • Once you park, it is better not to put the parking brake. It might be blocked. It is better to start a gear engagement.

We wish you very good winter holidays and to enjoy the mountains and the snow with Hertz Trois Soleils.