Your most frequently asked questions


Your questions about motorhomes?

What is the interior height?

You will stand in all our motorhomes, the interior height is 2.08m. That of the campervan is 1.88m.

You will find the external dimensions (length, width, height) on our RV pages and on our brochure.

How many seat belts are there in your vehicles?

Motorhomes are fitted with as many seat belts as there are places on the registration card. When the vehicle is traveling, in accordance with the highway code, passengers must be seated and tied up. The number of places that we post on our site on our vehicle pages corresponds to the number of people with whom you can ride and sleep.

Can we rent a motorhome with a car gearbox?

Yes, we offer a model in automatic transmission: the RV Automatic Low Profile.

What is the interior equipment?

Regarding interior equipment, vehicles are supplied with: a power outlet, an extension cord and a European adapter, a fridge with freezer, GPS (except the Compact Low Profile (A)), a shower, WC with the bottle of chemical toilet product, a gas bottle. The gas bottle will not necessarily be new. If you run out of gas during the rental, change the bottle and keep the receipt. You will be reimbursed upon return.

Vehicles are supplied without: dishes, kitchen utensils (see options page) TV, microwave, freezer (freezer in the fridge), air conditioning off (there is air conditioning while driving only), cleaning kit.

The bedding of the motorhome?

The motorhome will be provided with mattresses, but without sheets, duvets, pillows. You can bring your own or buy the kits we offer (see options page).

The size of the beds depends on the vehicles (cf. brochure). There are no safety nets in the bunk beds.

What is the outdoor equipment?

Regarding outdoor equipment, you will not find a tow ball or awning. A bike rack can be added as an option (see options page).

The size of the camper vans varies according to the model. As for the interior of the vehicle, it will be empty: no barbecue, no outdoor table and chairs.

What are the departure and return days and times?

Departure OUTSIDE July - August

Departure days are Tuesday to Saturday. The departure time is fixed at 10am.

No departure on Sundays and Mondays. The stations are closed.

NB: the minimum rental period is 4 days.

Return OUTSIDE July - August

The return days are from Tuesday to Saturday. The return time is fixed at 10 am.

No return on Sundays and Mondays. The stations are closed.

NB: the rental days are calculated by 24-hour period, from 10h to 10h, without possible splitting.

Departure / return between July 11 and August 21 (week 29 to 34)

In high season (weeks 29 to 34), the rental period is calculated per week, from Saturday morning 10 am to Friday afternoon 4 pm.

Be sure to respect the vehicle drop-off times. In case of late penalties apply (€ 300 per hour late and € 500 per day late).

Can we leave outside one of your departure stations?

Departures can only be made at one of our departure stations. No provision elsewhere is possible.

We do not have a shuttle service, you will have to go to the departure station on your own (personal car, taxi, public transport).

What are the means and methods of payment?

Reservation more than 30 days before departure

By reserving more than a month before your departure, a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be required. You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, check or ANCV holiday vouchers. The balance must be paid a maximum of one month before your departure.

NB: Less than one month before departure, we no longer accept payment by check.

Booking within 30 days of departure

If you book less than a month before your departure, you will have to pay all by credit card at the time of your reservation.

Is it possible to take a motorhome in one station and to go to another?

Each station manages its own fleet of vehicles, it is impossible to bring the vehicle to a station other than the one where you rented it. You must return the motorhome to your departure station.

You have more questions?

Find them in our Frequently asked questions or otherwise do not hesitate to contact us, we will will be happy to answer you.